Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Hello and welcome. I am reviewing the week in politics. Well, it is the Labour Party Conference this week and it is going well. Ed Balls and Ed Miliband are to or have given speeches. I have to check the news. I am a Liberal Democrat. This is because of the good work they are doing trying to help the environment. I get bugged by these nuisance calls, but when they are from the Liberal Democrats over trying to get householders to sign up to green energy and insulate their homes I am pleased. I used to be a Labour Party supporter but grew disenchanted with them over the environment. They hardly ever discuss it, the same as the Tories. Which one is worst is hard to imagine.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Politics news

David Cameron is wondering about what the UK government should do about Libya and the rest of the Middle East. Labour begin plans for an across the board policy research by sending out letters to the general public, including this blog. Andrew Lansley, the man who oversees politically the NHS for the government's office is attacked, and a new scheme at trying to get locals involved deciding whether new building should go up in their community is started.As well as this, Liam Fox, the Defence Secretary says that the man who stood against Muramar Ghadaffi is wanted for more questioning. UK Manufacturing growth is slowing, David Cameron says the Tories are delivering in Wales and English Democrats launch a new election campaign.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Nick Clegg has given a conference this week, saying he hopes the Liberal Democrats can regain power. This begs the question about whether the Lib Dems can win again, even under a Tory led coalition. David Cameron, the Prime Minister, has issued a statment hailing the progress between Libya and the UK. There are also going to be huge housing benefit cuts for the disabled, and Alan Johnson has issued a statement saying that he is depressed that there is a 'NO to AV' campaign by the unions.

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Friday, September 03, 2010

Manufacturing and farming have helped the Indian economy. It has also had a good monsoon this season. This has helped with farming. Growth is 8.6 per cent a year. Supply and demand situation and stave off lack of food supplies.
So India has moved forward despite weak growth outlook.
And what about the Tesco buy out of a shop firm of shop chains. India is booming economy. Good monsoon rains have brightened the outlook for farmers, especially at this time of weak global outlook. World’s number two retailer is benefiting from high demand in China. India’s export is only firth of GDP, but rising wages and strong consumers spending have helped shelter the Indian nation from the slow down around the world.
World Business Report
India’s economy booming. How sustainable is this growth? Growth just in last three months is 8.7 per cent. India, in hours from now, is expected to say that it is the world’s or one of leading economies. How long will this last? Figures of 8.7 per cent, strongest ever and in two and a half years. Strong consumer spending have sheltered India from the downturn across the world. Industry and manufacturing is growing, expected today to be announced as one of official reasons why the economy is so strong, reports second largest retailer will sell off Asia business. Markets Nikkei 225 is down by hefty 3 per cent.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I must that the Daily Mail is right in its 150 year or so history because, what with the budget cuts, the Tories are obviously not willing to put their money where their mouth is and practice what they preach. David Cameron’s wife Samantha has a baby at an NHS hospital. She should have gone private so the tax payers voting Labour were not able to pay for a baby for a Tory. In fact, all the Tories should go private and then Labour are not forking out money for them. The voters who voted for Cameron should get a nice Christmas present and be fired from their work so it serves them right voting Tory. The Tories are are all about not having access to healthcare just like in America where healthcare is as scarce as communism and and so the Tories should be denied access to class NHS treatment. Remember David, you put doctors and firemen out of work and so you should take some of the hit for doing bugger all all day at the tax payers expense. That £200000 wage should take a hit.

Monday, July 19, 2010

The Big Con

You have heard it here first. David Cameron has said that the latest big society scheme is not about saving money, and it is not about doing things for less. Well, what can be said about the latest lie to voters? David Cameron is being voted in to government with the agenda to put those that voted for him out of work. How dare the man pathologically lie to everyone who put him there, as well as millions of voters from other parties. If there is a record budget deficit of over £190bn and the Big Con is being brought in to do things on the cheap, ie as Eric Pickles said it is - about saving money. 'If people are doing things for free then you don't have to pay public servants to do them for you'. Then why do you bring in a mass voluntary scheme at this time?But obviously David Cameron is a politician and getting a straight answer is like putting out the Sun with a glass of water.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

It remains a dream, but getting rid of the evil doers, Bin Laden who murdered over 3000 people, David Cameron, who is going to do Thatcher’s remaining dirty work before he leaves office – when that will be, God only knows, and Nick Griffin, leader and white supremacist needs to be done!